The Sporty and Safe 2011 Volvo S60 Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Volvo is generally known for their safe and practical cars and not exactly sporty cars, but the 2011 S60 may just change all of that. This car is sporty, edgy and has more personality and oomph than any other previous Volvo model. The exterior is stylish and makes use of a C-pillar that extends all the way to the back of the car. This car will compete directly with the BMW 3 series and Mercedes Benz C-class models. The S60 was designed to be the most innovative and dynamic Volvo ever created and offers two chassis settings.
Volvo’s latest car makes use of a six cylinder engine with 300 HP and 325 pound feet of torque. All models have a six speed automatic transmission. The engine will be the most powerful that Volvo has ever created. Accelerating is effortless with this car and it goes from 0-60 in 6.2 seconds. The ride is smooth due to the Dynamic Suspension and the interior is super quiet. Gas mileage is at 17mpg in the city and 26mph on the freeway. The front seats are designed to give great back support. There is a display center on the center stack and just two dials in the instrument center. Trunk capacity is at 12 cubic feet and the rear seats fold down for even more cargo space.
Volvo has a reputation for engineering ultra safe cars and that includes the latest S60. World class safety features are standard such as a Side Impact Protection System where the strong side structure of the vehicle helps to absorb a severe side impact. The vehicle was designed with pedestrian safety in mind; the front of the car is smooth and clean lines and a low engine position to help minimize the impact with pedestrians and cyclists if an accident were to happen. Even the steering wheel is collapsible in case of an accident in order to prevent bodily harm to the driver. The anti-submarining feature prevents passengers from sliding under their seatbelts during severe impact. Lane Departure Warning alerts the driver if the car is swerving and Driver Alert Control helps to prevent collisions due to driver fatigue. This car will feature Volvo’s groundbreaking Collision Warning system with Full Auto brake which actually detects pedestrians and automatically applies brake pressure when there is an imminent collision, even if the driver fails to brake on time.
There are many sweet options available such as a portable touch screen navigation system with 3D graphics with turn by turn directions. A Rear Seat Entertainment System available with dual DVD players. This system consists of two LCD monitors and DVD players situated right into the headrest, perfect for long road trips.
The S60 packs in so many great features for a luxury car; it’s sporty, super safe since it’s a Volvo and has been redesigned and buttoned up to be slicker and more dynamic than ever. With a base price of around $38k you get a luxury car that was built with safety in mind. If you want a good looking safe car, then this might just be the ideal car for you!

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