Ford Taurus X 3.5-Liter V6 Engine

The Ford Taurus is one of the most popular family sedans in the American market. Once the best selling cars of the 90s, the vehicle has gone through many changes in its design, engine options and performance, which has resulted in shaky market share in the last few years. The newer models have been revamped to try and gain some of this market share back.
The 2010 automobile is a large and very comfortable family car with a modern design. The average model has front-wheel drive and the 2010 vehicle engine is 3.5-liter V6 which cranks out 263 hp. However, there is an option to have all wheel drive on most models and some models, such as the high performance SHO model, have this on the base level as well. The 2010 automobile engine Read the rest of this entry »

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Three Popular Leased Cars

Deciding on which car to lease can be confusing so it’s a good idea to look at the choices that other people have made and follow suit. Car performance, aesthetic beauty and fuel usage are all important points that need to be accounted for in your ultimate decision.
Here’s a quick guide on some of the makes and models available to lease on the current market:
1 – Ford cars come in an assortment of shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find a model to suit your needs, regardless of your price considerations. The Ford Fiesta Hatchback and Ford Focus Hatchback are just two of the models which draw in a huge number of leases each year. Their comfortable size means they are handy run-arounds with strong a practical dimension. The Ford KA Hatchback is one of the most sensible models but for those of you looking for something with a little more sparkle a Ford Focus convertible is a definite option.
2 -The Renault Clio Hatchback has a contemporary feel and is suited to people who enjoy the feel of a modern car. The Renault Twingo Hatchback and the Renault Modus Hatchback are the best for people with Read the rest of this entry »

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Who Has the Greatest Impact on Customer Loyalty and Retention in Your Dealership?

Who has the greatest impact on Customer Loyalty and Retention in your Dealership?

Is it the Salesperson? The Owner? How about the Cashier? Or the Greeter? Don’t forget about Parts! Certainly EVERYONE in the Dealership has something to do with it.

But if I said the answer is “THE SERVICE ADVISOR”, how many would agree with me? Can I see a show of hands?

I suspect that most of you who are in the Service Department would agree with me wholeheartedly. There is no other person who has more contact with your Customer over the life of their vehicle than the Service Advisor.

So, what are we doing to MAXIMIZE the RELATIONSHIP with the one person we are constantly in search of and wish we had more of, THE CUSTOMER?

Over the past couple of years there has been a strong push by most Dealerships to do something. Anything that even has a hint of increasing the ROI with the Customer has been considered and in many cases, put into place.

“Customer Friendly” became the new buzz word and everything from new waiting rooms to on line service appointments, not to mention a whole host of so called “Customer Friendly” solutions like Coffee Bars and Free WI-FI, are now available and waiting at your local Dealership. Read the rest of this entry »

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